Are you ready to bring a new life to your home or business?

Jet Power Clean is a Residential and Commercial surrey pressure washing company offering high-quality, professional, and reliable pressure washing and gutter cleaning to clients throughout Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

We clean and restore hard surfaces in a fast, safe and affordable manner, cleaning surfaces that looked like they would need replaced.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services designed to drastically enhance the appearance of commercial and residential properties.

Residential Cleaning

Jet Power Clean helps clients improve the look and safety of walkways, driveways, patios and pathways. We also offer an on-going regular maintenance. Thanks to the latest commercial equipment and trained staff, the services are designed to be beneficial without costing the earth.

Commercial Cleaning

Jet Power Clean will clean your commercial building location and restore curb appeal while also increasing the life of the exterior surface whether it is brick, wood or stone. Our Surrey pressure washing services can combat the effects of mold, mildew, algae, and other biological contaminants.

Why choose Jet Power Clean


We are aware that you are a very busy person and spare time is at a premium! You are in good hands.

We respect your daily schedule therefore we made our cleaning services as flexible as possible. Even outside working hours.


We understand that you have the highest expectations when it comes to cleaning your home or an office space.

We made it our top priority to leave your place spotless and shiny every time we visit you. You can count on our fine quality cleaning services.


We stand by the belief that every one has right to spend their time in clean, fresh and tidy space.

Thanks to our latest equipment and experience, we cut down cleaning time by 30% saving you money, while maintaining quality.

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